3 Main Reasons Why Your Corporate Training can be Improved using Games

As we all know, training for employees in corporates is extremely important, as it improves employees’ competence thus improve the corporate’s competence for business growth. However, the effectivity of existing corporate training definitely have much to be improved. One of the way to improve it is by using games. So, why your corporate training can be improved using games? 

Voluntary learner learns best

I believe this is very familiar for you: people complaining about this training they have to attend because HR push them so, or people saying they don’t remember anything about training they just attended yesterday, or if your company already have e-Learning, heard that very few people actually use the e-Learning to learn. This is the classic problem of corporate training, most of employees don’t enjoy it, so it’s unlikely to find employees voluntarily join a training session because they want to. Yet, we know the best learning happens when the learner actually wants it. 

So here where games can help you, as people playing games because they want to, because they want to have fun. We can make a training game, game designed for the players to practice in a fun way, so they will enjoy the training process thus can learn much better. 

For example, a corporate value training game with an engaging story will make your employee enjoy the training process and then can understand your corporate value, so it is more likely they will apply it in daily work life. 

Experience is the best teacher

Games give people experience, for example: The Sims gives player experience of how challenging is it to build a beautiful house. In case of training game, we developed a simulation game that teach people how to escape from a burning house. The game challenge player to escape from a burning house. By playing the game, people experience directly how it feels being inside a burning house and doing anything to be able to escape. Through trial and error from playing the game, player will understand and remember much better than just watching video or lecture about fire escape, because player is actually going through the experience. 

Your employees have different learning pace to each other

People are born with different capability, including different learning pace. Yet, typical classroom training session treat all training audience the same way, which is not an effective way to make them learning effectively. People can learn most effectively if they are in the state of flow, in which they are fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity. A well-designed game is very good on bringing its players into their own state of flow, because it provides a great balance between the challenges it gives to the players and the players’ skill. So unlike conventional learning method, games treat the players “differently”, as games provide the proper challenge right when the player ready for it. For example, in our customer service training game, at the beginning player will only face customers with 1 type of needs – e.g. opening new account, because the players need to learn about how to serve customers in the first place. When they’ve already served enough number of customers well, they will start facing customers with more type of needs – e.g. activate online banking service, closing account, etc. When they’ve also successfully passed that, they will face more type of customers with different level of patience, to make them learn to serve customers more efficiently. 

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