Corporate Classroom Training: IMPROVED!

Recently we’re just partnering with Talentbox, an HR Consulting and Training company, together with Inbox, a design studio, to create a breakthrough in the corporate classroom training.

Few months ago, when I first heard the brief, finding out a board game designed into a classroom training, is very exciting. Honestly, it feels a bit weird (in a positive manners) to find a non-gaming company who have implemented a game into non-gaming environment: classroom training.

The objective of this project is to make corporate value learning easier, with a fun way. This project called Quest for Excellence. Through this, we deliver a learning mechanism where participants do the learning proactively by involving in a game. The game consisted of 2 elements: physical boardgame and the digital apps in a tablet. These two parts are complementing each other to create a new learning experience.

Why this matters?

We’ve been through the pilot testing with the users. The game has been brought into the classroom learning session together with a seminar, role-play, group sharing, physical game and so forth, and is receiving a positive feedback from the test group.

My point of view is that this new learning experience can bring a motivation to all of the participants, to learn more, compared with a regular classroom training, where participants are passively involved. As Shieny has said in previous post, “voluntary learner learns best”.

The game is designed for groups of 3-4 players, where they can compete with another group. By discussing strategy, anticipating luck and unluck, going through quizzes, group role play & sharing, combined with their understanding of corporate culture, all these make a better & fun way of learning.

Bonus: at the end of the session, participants are going to play a minigame in the tablet. This game is a magnet-like mechanism controlled by all of the players. This game is chosen to highlight the teamwork & coordination between group members, as well as a refreshment to the whole training session.

I will share you a follow-up post regarding the result of the training when it is implemented soon.

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